About Me

What up! My name is Power. I'm an artist who creates dope digital, paintings, comic book and I do really awesome tattoos. I consider myself a jane of all trades creative because not only do create amazing paintings, I'm also in the process of opening up a creative cafe called Butta Babes based on my comic/magazine coming out. The comic talkes about the journey to self discovery and spiritual development. It has amazing storyline that will teach people a lot of life skills. Through my journey I taught myself how to paint, grow my own food, sew clothes, and find a way to be at peace through lifes tough lessons. So yes I dabble in a lot. Hopefully you all are here to witness the insane process and help by purchasing some cool threads. These pieces where created by me to further my goal of opening a creative cafe with home grown organic foods and local art for all to enjoy. So please, be apart of the process and check me out.